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Home > Beaded Curtains | Door Beads  > Beaded Curtains by Color > Clear Beaded Curtains - Door Curtains > 10' Crystal Clear Gemstone Beaded Curtain
Home > Beaded Curtains | Door Beads  > Super Long Beaded Curtains > 10' Crystal Clear Gemstone Beaded Curtain

10' Crystal Clear Gemstone Beaded Curtain

Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Price: $90.00
Our exquisite new acrylic clear gemstone beaded curtain is beautiful.

10 Feet Long (120 inches)

35 Inches Wide

The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and Eli Salon at the Trump International Tower in Las Vegas purchased these curtains for their locations...

23 strands of beads hang 10' feet long from one 3 foot wide rod.

You just take it out of the box and hang it right up....and you'll be giving new life to your space! This is the heaviest curtain we carry. It has tons of great detail with the faceted beads in various gemstone cuts.

Our Crystal Clear Gemstone Curtain has NO IRIDESCENT coating. (No pearly top-coat that reflects other colors). It is a perfectly clear bead!

10 Feet Long (120 inches!)

Remember this curtain can be cut to your desired length without fear of the beads falling off :)

Acrylic Beads

Largest bead is 14mm

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Price: $32.00

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Art by: Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Stephanie Law, Josephine Wall, Dorian Cleavenger, Sulamith Wulfing, Nene Thomas, Maxine Gadd

Website updated October 13th 2014