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6' Driftwood Garland in Coastal Living Magazine
6' Driftwood Garland in Coastal Living Magazine

6' Driftwood Garland in Coastal Living Magazine

Availability:Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Price: $46.00
My driftwood garlands were featured in Coastal Living Magazine!

Beautiful pieces of driftwood make up this hanging garland! Use several to make a dramatic curtain or room divider..

This long driftwood garland is handmade from slender driftwood twigs collected from storm-ravaged beaches. Beautiful in its simplicity, it is a gorgeous beach style deco item. Display along a mantlepiece, hanging from a nail on the wall, draped round a curtain pole or however you fancy. Guaranteed to evoke memories of happy beachcombing trips!

Although other companies are using the same photo as mine, I guarantee that mine were used in photographing this picture for the magazine... my pieces of driftwood are far superior to anyone elses.. large pieces and beautifully made.

Measures: 6 feet in length... multiple sizes of natural light driftwood pieces up to 4"


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Art by: Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, Stephanie Law, Josephine Wall, Dorian Cleavenger, Sulamith Wulfing, Nene Thomas, Maxine Gadd

Website updated October 22nd 2014