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Business Number: 619-269-9626

Okay, my phone number is back on my site.. PRETTY PLEASE be courteous about the time you call.. I have a cute voice but it might not be so cute at 4am. :)

I am located in California so if you live in NY and its 9am there.. its only 6am here! *yawn*

Thank you for your cooperation.

Don't forget to read my Daily News and Updates section for special announcements!

DO NOT USE THE IMAGES ON MY WEBSITE WITHOUT PERMISSION!! To the sellers on Alibaba who continually steal my images, I have turned you in for copyright infringement.. Please be warned that I am relentless in this.

Listed below are my company policies..

I refuse to sell to rude or grouchy people. I'm serious. If you're in a bad mood, come back another time. Life is too short and I work too hard to deal with other peoples mood-swings, especially when I have to deal with my own.. :)

The above new rule starts immediately: Jan 9th, 2010 at 3:28pm and ends.. probably never.

I never pay for advertising my website. All of my business comes from repeat clients, referrals, or being "discovered" on a blog or a search engine :)

I am a one woman company so please forgive me if I cant answer the phone right away, or answer emails 2 seconds after I receive them... I do everything and I mean every little thing myself, pack, order supplies, ship, customer service, emails, phone calls, picture taking, website, inventory, paperwork, etc... so be kind to me or else! *growling* :)

BEST way to contact me is through email...

It's very important that you read this page in it's entirety.. There is a lot of info here and it's all important and pertains to your order. I have a lot of customers who skip this page and later on state "they didn't see it" :) I absolutely hate companies that make me email them with a billion questions because they don't have information available on their website!

Please read the "Custom Beaded Curtains" Info section before asking me to make one curtain ~ You can read it at the bottom of this page, the left hand side of any page, the link on the bottom of any page, the first row of the front page, the link in the opening headline of my front page.. I'm running out of places to put that info :) Thank you...

Shopping Tip so you don't get lost! :) The easiest way to remember which product you were just looking at is to add the item to your cart! On the top of every page is a "view cart" button... You can add or delete any product at any time and you won't have to remember which page you were just on... just click the item in your cart, and voila, you're back on that page! :)

Your email address and stuff: It is so important that you use your correct email address and phone number.. I double swear pinky promise even that I don't use your email addy for anything other then sending tracking numbers or corresponding with you and the phone number is important to put on your package in case UPS has a problem with delivering your package. I do not have mailing lists, I dont sell or rent your personal info.. I hate spam more than anyone on the internet..Believe me? Good :)


Most orders ship within 5-7 business days... Please anticipate an additional 1- 5 business days for transit depending on your location.. Your order will be shipping from San Diego, California :)


I do NOT charge credit cards until the order is actually shipped. If you have online banking you will see a "temporary hold" for your purchase which makes most customers think they've already been charged, however, this hold will drop off automatically after a few days if I have not processed your order within that time frame. The actual charge will not show up until your order is processed.

Expedited shipping is available.. there is a $25.00 expedited fee plus the normal expedited shipping charge.. You can request overnight, 2 day air or 3 day ground in the message section of the order form.... You will receive an updated invoice reflecting the add-on charges and a tracking number for your package.

Business Days: Usually Monday through Friday (Does not include weekends, holidays or days where I decide to go shopping for new boots or a pretty black dress)..

Business Hours: After I wake up and do other stuff first til whenever I decide to stop for the day :)

International Customers: Please add the items you wish to have into your shopping cart, and then copy and paste that list to me in an email and I'll get back to you with a shipping quote (please include your shipping addy!)

I do not have a printed catalog... I sell exclusively on the internet.. I do not allow customer pick-ups..nope, not even if you live one block over and no, I will not meet you at the grocery store to deliver your products... Yes, people do ask me if I'll do that.

I try to have all of my items in stock all the time.. I do not use drop-shippers...bazillions of items are in stock now.. I don't know exactly how many that is.. but it's a lot.

UPS charges for incorrect addresses! If you put the wrong address on your order form.. this $15.00 fee will be charged to your credit card. If you don't know where you live... please talk to your mailman and ask him what your address is before placing your order... thank you.

Due to the number of requests I receive,I do not send free samples of any products.. You can purchase sample strands if you like..

If you are unhappy for any reason, I don't wanna hear about it.. I'm kidding! Just email me and put "Phil" as the subject heading. Phil doesn't exist but if you ask for him, at least I'll know why you're writing.

Returns: There is a 20% restocking fee for all orders and you have 14 days to return your item. Shipping charges are not refundable and will be deducted at the actual shipping charge rate which may exceed any promotional shipping charge fees at the time you placed the order. Please email me for return authorization number. I do not issue refunds or honor returns after 14 days.

Please note that any fabric items, such as Organza Curtains and Pillow Covers cannot be returned for a refund due to sanitary reasons.

Returned Curtains: Please do not "wrap" the strands around the rod! If I receive them this way, you will not receive a refund and i'll probably fly to your house and strangle you with the mangled beads......... SO PLEASE return them in the same manner as they were shipped.

If your item is damaged in transit to you, please retain all packaging materials including the box and notify me within 5 days with "damaged item" as the header for your email. I'll contact UPS and scream and yell and pout a little and all you have to do is leave the package outside for the UPS driver to pick up.

Large Commercial Orders: Shipping charges may be higher than stated for large commercial orders depending on how many boxes are being sent, your location and the weight of your boxes.. you will receive an updated invoice with your order

Refused Shipments: If you refuse your order, you will be charged 20.00 plus a restocking fee of 20%. Refusing shipments is silly AND ive only had one person do this so I have no clue why I feel the need to write all that junk up there but now I'm too lazy to erase it. So there.

Custom Orders. Custom orders are non-returnable. If you return them anyway, you will be charged a 50% restocking fee.. No exceptions.

Wholesale: Sorry - I don't wholesale. Not a little bit, not at all, not ever, never. If you would like the names of all of my wholesalers (and believe me, I get LOTS of requests for this) please send $750,000,000,009 to me and I will send you the list. It used to be $150,000 but I'm bored with that number.

Custom Beaded Curtains ~ Order Info

I have designed curtains for hundreds of decorators, designers, event planners, weddings, TV shows, movies, parades, commercials, furniture stores, trade shows and so much more!

Just about every acrylic beaded curtain on my website (including faux metal and faux pearl) can be custom made for your special event....(acrylic lamps can be special ordered as well)

The #1 selling curtain for custom orders is the Diamond Cut Iridescent Clear Beaded Curtain....

IMPORTANT: I cannot make just one or two curtains... All custom size orders require a minimum of at least 36 regular sized curtains ( 3x6')... Longer lengths require a smaller minimum order. Example.. 20 curtains at 18' in length is okay too :)

You can choose ANY color from the Pantone Color Chart for your acrylic curtain.

You can make the curtains as long as you want BUT they all come on a standard 3' wide rod.

If you have a certain bead type/style not shown on my website that you would like, you may send a sample and I can have it made for you into the curtain of your dreams :)

Lead time varies. It's usually around 4-6 weeks

50% deposit is required at time of order... No refunds given since production starts immediately.

You will be updated weekly on the status of your order.

~~~~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~~~~ (.........until I think of something else to say...........)